Dororhy Self: Principal and founder - DFS creative Concepts

"Becca has interned with my company for several months through Furman University, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with her level of dedication and commitment.

Our company is held to a very high standard when it comes to exceeding industry standards, and Becca has never let us down. In fact, she has jumped right in – eager and willing to help at any turn.

We are happy to say that with Becca’s hard work on messaging and graphics, our candidate’s digital advertising campaign exceeded industry standard by over 700%.

Becca exemplifies dedication and a strong work ethic. Never one to drop the ball, she will stay up late and come in early just to ensure that the job is done. She leaves no stone unturned, and is eager to do a job well.

She has fundamental abilities that continue to strengthen every day, and I am pleased that people are acknowledging her great work.

I highly recommend her for any position on any team. Becca is a wonderful addition, and I look forward to following her continued success."

Russell Stall: Greenville City Council

"I recently won my election to Greenville City Council. Thanks, Becca.

Becca was a significant part in helping us win this election. Becca was charged with the challenge of positioning me in a positive light. She was highly involved in the social media efforts to get the message out. She was instrumental in creating our graphic presence to encourage voters, especially younger ones, to get out and vote, and to vote for me.

Becca was a pleasure work with, and will be a benefit to any future employer. Don’t miss the opportunity to put her on your team."

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David J fleming: Professor of Political Science - Furman University

"Becca is a strong student with impressive analytical skills. In my Political Analysis course, Becca demonstrated the ability to critically think and synthesize information.

She is able to complete tasks above what is normally expected of undergraduate interns. Beyond her intelligence, maturity, leadership, and ability to work with a diverse group of people, Becca has a very cheery and positive attitude. She will enhance any work environment she enters.

I fully recommend Becca Colehower with no reservations."